Day Camp


The Town of Penetanguishene hosts Summer Day Camp programs for youth, ages 4 years to 11 years, the first week of July to the fourth week of August.  Program information and registration is released in May..... stay tuned for details!!

2017 SUMMER DAY CAMP - Hosted by the Recreation Department
8 Weeks * July 4th to August 25th, 2017

Kinder Camp for youth, ages 4 years to 6 years
Location: Penetanguishene Centennial Museum, 13 Burke Street, Penetanguishene

Voyageurs Camp for youth, ages 7 years to 11 years
Location: Penetanguishene Curling Club, 8 Owen Street, Penetanguishene (Back Entrance)

**Please note that due to the Child Care and Early Years Act that came in to effect, August 31st, 2015, we cannot accept registrations for any children that are under 4 years of age.



How do I register for day camp?


  1. In person at Town Hall with Registration Form and payment (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
  2. Email Registration Form (with credit card information filled out) to
  3. Mail Registration Form (with credit card information filled out or enclosed cheque)
    10 Robert Street W, PO Box 5009, Penetanguishene, ON, L9M 2G2
  4. After hours, Drop Box at main entrance Town Hall (sealed envelope with registration form and payment)
  • Registration fee includes trip admission, transportation and daily activities
  • Please note that each camp has a limited number of spaces available; register early to avoid disapointment.
  • Some field trips require two weeks notice of confirmation of tickets, so please try your best to register two weeks in advance or more to ensure availability.


How can I pay for summer camp?

  • We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard and Cheques made out to Town of Penetanguishene
  • Post-Dated Cheques are accepted and will be deposited on the Monday, two-weeks prior to camp start date
  • Camp registrations will not be accepted without payment
  • Please note that we charge $40 for all NSF Cheques
  • SUMMER CAMP CANCELLATION REQUESTS: Due to trip booking contracts, a minimum two-week notice is required in order to be eligible for a full refund of camp fees.  One-week notice will only be eligible for a 50% refund and requests with less than one-week notice will not be eligible for a refund without a doctor's note.  **Please note that all approved refund requests are subject to a $10 Administration Fee.

What activities will take place during summer camp?

  • Kinder Camp operates out of the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum (13 Burke Street) and Voyageurs Camp operates out of the Penetanguishene Curling Club (8 Owen Street)
  • Daily activities are designed to entertain campers in a fun, positive, safe environment and may include crafts, games, sports, splash pad, swimming, walks, movies, bowling and more......

How do I know my child will be safe?

  • Your childs safety is our #1 priority!  Our camp staff are all certified with Standard First Aid/CPR, HIGH-FIVE Training and are trained by experienced leaders to ensure that we operate our camp in a safe matter.
  • Staff will treat minor injuries (i.e. nose bleeds/blister), complete an Incident Report for the illness/injury, and will provide it to you for your perusal and signature at sign-out.  You will receive a phone call from the Day Camp Supervisor for any moderate/major emergencies (i.e. vomiting/head injuries).
  • Day trips will include all campers wearing the same uniformed shirt that will have "In Case of Emergency" phone number listed or a coloured wristband with our emergency informatin listed, and will be assigned a group leader and buddy system implemented to ensure that our youth are monitored carefully.
  • Kinder Camp Ratio is 1 staff : 8 youth
    Voyageurs Camp we aim to keep a 1 staff : 10 youth ratio, but this may change according to certain activities, outings and the age of the campers (Please note that our ratios are also supplemented with support from responsible, trained leadership volunteers)

What should my child wear and what should I pack?

  • Nutritious nut-free lunch including morning and afternoon snacks
  • Refillable Water Bottle (Youth will get thirsty during the day, therefore we suggest a refillable water bottle instead of juice boxes)
  • Ensure your child is wearing appropriate "play" clothes, outdoor shoes suitable for play (no flip flops), hat & suncreen and label all items
  • Pack your child's bathing suit and towel for the Splash Pad, suncreen, an extra set of clothes (just in case), outdoor attire including rain gear (Summer Camp)
  • Please do not send valuables, toys or electronic devices to camp.  The Town of Penetanguishene staff members are not responsible for lost or stolen items.



The Town of Penetanguishene Day Camp follows the R.E.S.P.E.C.T model. Please read through the following rules with your camper:

Recognize the rules and instructions for all games and activities

Encourage others and show good sportsmanship

Stay hands-free

Participate and have a positive attitude

Ensure a safe and clean environment

Care and be kind to one another

Take turns and play fair     

Staff will spend a portion of morning circle reviewing camp rules and expectations, asking campers for their input.

If a camper struggles with following a rule, staff will have a one-on-one discussion with him/her to explain why the rule is in place.

If the behaviour continues throughout the day, parents will be notified at sign out, and asked to review the rules with their camper at home.

If the behaviour continues consistently throughout the week, a meeting with Day Camp Staff, the Camper, and Parent will be arranged, and a Behaviour Contract will be discussed and signed.

If any camper becomes aggressive or physically violent, the Day Camp Supervisor will remove the camper from camp immediately and call the Parent/Guardian requesting that the camper be picked up and no refund will be granted. A meeting with the Day Camp Supervisor and Recreation Program Leader will follow to determine the next steps.