Penetanguishene Council Approves 2019 Budget

Posted on Friday March 15, 2019

At the March 13, 2019 Council meeting, Penetanguishene Council approved the 2019 operating and capital budget and the 2020 capital budget which include expenditures totaling $20.9 million ($13.2 million operating & $7.7 million capital). Town staff worked closely with Council to meet the established budget target of 2.25%.  After much hard work, the final budget approved resulted in an overall municipal tax impact of 1.4%, well below Council’s preliminary goal that was set last June.

Council’s goal was to provide a budget that maintained the level of service that our residents enjoy, limiting the financial impact on taxpayers and ensuring financial sustainability.  Balancing these objectives can be a challenging process to complete.  “Now that we have a solid financial plan in place for 2019” said Mayor Doug Leroux, “we will turn our attention to a long-term financial plan and a community-based strategic plan to build on and move forward over the Council term.”

The highlights of the 2019 and 2020 budget include:

  • The tax-supported capital program for 2019 and 2020 was approved at $1.15 million per year;
  • The total capital program for 2019 (all funding sources) is $3.7 million and $4 million for 2020;
  • The 2 year capital program includes: 
    • Engineering and Construction of Thompsons Rd W
    • County Road 93 Multi-Use Trail
    • Intersection Upgrades at Robert St W & Fuller Ave
    • Fox St Sewage Treatment Plant Dechlorination System
    • Completion of McGuire Tennis and Pickleball Courts
    • Replacement of McGuire Park Playground
    • Concrete Repairs at the Town Wharf; and
    • Martin Valley Park Engineering and Design;
  • The Town’s total operating budget for 2019 is $13.2 million, $9.45 million funded by taxation;
  • This includes $3.45 million for Water and Wastewater, $2.8 million for Public Works and Roads, $1.6 million for Policing, $988,000 for Fire and Emergency Services, $755,000 for Debt Reduction, $504,000 for the Library and Other Community Organizations, $286,000 for the Arena, $203,000 for Recreation Programming and Events, $161,000 for the Museum and $55,000 for Transit.

Overall, the 2019 tax-supported operating and capital budget results in a 1.4% tax impact on the Town portion of the tax bill or $13.64 per 100,000 of typical residential assessment.  The Town will adopt the 2019 tax rates and calculate the overall tax impact when the County and Provincial Education Tax Rates become available in April.  Copies of the 2019 Budget will be available next week at Townhall, Penetanguishene Public Library or on the Town’s website.