Special Council and Committee of the Whole Highlights: May 26, 2021

Posted on Thursday May 27, 2021

Council Highlights provide a brief overview of noteworthy decisions and presentations made at Town of Penetanguishene Council meetings. Detailed agendas and minutes from the meetings are available on our website.

To ensure social distancing provisions are maintained, this meeting will be available for viewing on our YouTube Channel.

Special Council

  • Council held the Statutory Public Meeting with respect to the Draft Town Dock Secondary and Master Plan.  A presentation on the proposal was given and several members of the public provided comments. 
  • Council received a presentation regarding the 2019 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Year-End Report from Jay Anstey. 
  • Council approved all recommendations contained within the Special Committee of the Whole report dated April 21, 2021.
  • Council approved recommendation #1, being demolition of 51 Dunlop Street (formerly Penetanguishene Secondary School) presented to Committee of the Whole, May 12.
  • Council approved an extension to the approval for Draft Plan of Condominium as 2 Beck Boulevard (Phase 2) until May 26, 2026. 

Special Committee of the Whole 

  • Committee approved the 2020 Heritage Tax Rebates for the 2020 Tax Year at a rate of 40% for the properties at: W.R. Benson Home, 69 Poyntz Street, J.T. Payette House, 33 Robert Street West, A.A. Thompson House, 14 Water Street, Green Block Trading Post, 1 Water Street
  • Committee recommended the approval of a three (3) year extension to the Draft Plan of Subdivision for the Maxson Building Corporation Subdivision (Phase 2) at 519 Murray Road until June 9, 2024.
  • Committee received the 2019 Building Department Financial Report, 2019 Debt Continuity Schedule Report, 2019 Development Charges Continuity Schedule Report, and the 2021 Quarter 1 & Draft 2020 Year-End Financial Summary for information. 
  • Committee approved the 2019 Reserves and Reserve Funds Continuity Schedule as presented.
  • Committee approved the 2019 Amortization Estimate for Tangible Capital Assets Report as presented. 
  • Committee approved the recommended action in the 2019 Surplus Analysis Report to have funds totaling $371,223 transferred to the Community Development Fund Reserve for upcoming land acquisition costs.
  • Committee approved the 2022 Budget Timeline Report as presented. 

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