Cultural Planning

Heritage Home

The Town of Penetanguishene does not currently have a formal Cultural Plan, however, the Town encourages well-maintained heritage properties that give the community a unique character and enrich our quality of life. Restoring heritage properties has been a catalyst for revitalizing historic town centres and drawing residents, businesses and visitors to communities.

Cultural Planning provides a targeted strategy and implementation plan to capitalize on local assets and improve quality of life throughout the community. The purpose of the Plan is to leverage the cultural resources of the community to inform community development decisions, initiatives and investment.

More specific objectives identified in a Municipal Cultural Plan include:

  • Identifying key partners and stakeholders involved in culture in the community;
  • Identifying connections and/or gaps with respect to the Town and local organizations and groups regarding culture in the municipality;
  • Identifying opportunities for groups to collaborate, support and enhance culture;
  • Identifying cultural strengths in the community and outlining the importance of cultural planning within the municipality;
  • Identifying a sustainable long-term vision for cultural planning in the Town;
  • Developing policies and action strategies to implement the community’s vision for culture; and,
  • Preparing a short and long term list of recommended strategies with a timeline for the Plan’s implementation.