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2019-2020 Main Street Art Project

Public Art Unveiling

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, the sculpture "Land of the White Rolling Sands" by local artist Camille Myles was unveiled on Main Street. Mayor Doug Leroux conducted the ceremony and was accompanied by members of Council of the Town of Penetanguishene, MP Bruce Stanton, MPP Jill Dunlop, Simcoe County Warden and Mayor of the Township of Tiny George Cornell, Mayor of Midland Stewart Strathern, Mayor of the Township of Tay Ted Walker and Chief Guy Monague of Beaulsoleil First Nation. 

Included in the ceremony was a reading of the piece which was the inspiration for Camille Myles in three languages: English, French and Anishinaabemowin (below).Art

Land of the White Rolling Sands (English)

Held by a stylized paddle, a large mirrored sphere on an inclined surface reflects the town’s vibrant streetscape, grounding it into the present. The sphere brings the onlooker to think about the duality of our present; anchored both in the past while hoping for a better tomorrow, which may also be an uphill journey. Together we can be proud of our past, richly imprinted by First people’s culture and identity. Playing with abstracted symbols of Penetanguishene, this piece forces us to focus on where we are, taking in all the reflections that surround us. In an ever-disconnected world, this piece grounds the onlooker to where they are and brings consciousness to this place; a land of the white rolling sands where dreams are lived…

Ki waabshkaa gwiish paapowngose (Anishinaabemowin)

Maanda waweyaamgad e-waasaab’kidek miinwaage makshawaagan e-zoonjib’nang, wiidookwaawan ebiwaamjigejik ji mikwendmowad nongom miinwa mewnzha ga’zhinaagok.

 Kina go giinwind daa g’chi-nendaamin makwenmaang nongom miinwa mewznha gaandaajig maa.

 Ki waabshka gwiish paapowngose, wenjibamgak b’waajigewin

 This translation was completed by the following Beausoleil First Nation language speakers: Myrtle Jamieson, Bob Monague, Velma Smith, Jake King, H.Neil Monague, Melvin King, Lenore King, Emily Norton

Terre des sables blancs ondulés (French)

Retenu par une pagaie stylisée, un grand miroir sphérique sur une surface inclinée reflète les paysages dynamiques de la rue pour les ancrer dans le présent. La sphère suscite chez l’observateur la réflexion sur la dualité du moment présent, fondé à la fois dans le passé et dans l’espoir d’un avenir meilleur qui pourrait également s’avérer un parcours difficile. Ensemble, nous pouvons être fiers de notre passé qui porte les riches empreintes de la culture et de l’identité des Premiers peuples. En jouant avec les symboles abstraits représentant Penetanguishene, l’œuvre nous force à nous concentrer sur l’endroit où nous sommes et à absorber toutes les réflexions qui nous entourent. Dans un monde si peu connecté, l’œuvre enracine l’observateur là où il se trouve et porte à sa conscience le lieu-même; la terre des sables blancs ondulés où les rêves se concrétisent…

 Award of Public Art

On July 31, 2019 Council endorsed the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee to install a Art Piece proposed by Camille Myles titled "Land of the White Rolling Sands".  The complete Art Proposal can be found using the link below:

Land of the White Rolling Sands by Camille Myles

The Town and Camille Myles will be working towards preparing the site and installing the Art Piece for early 2020!

Release of the Call for Public Art

Council of the Town of Penetanguishene approved the release of the Call For Public Art Proposals on April 24th, 2019.  The proposal document can be viewed by selecting the link below:

Call for Public Art Proposals - Project 2019-15

Addendum 1 released May 21, 2019

 Ad Hoc Committee

Council endorsed the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee, the Main Street Art Project Committee, to oversee and make recommendations to Council on the installation of Art on Main Street.  The Staff Report on establishing the Main Street Art Project, which included the Terms of Reference for the Committee and the Workplan can be found using the link below:

Staff Report PD-18-64 - Ad Hoc Committee for the Main Street Art Project

A Call for Applicants was issued in December of 2018.  The Advertisement for volunteers can be viewed using the link below:

Call for Applicants to participate on the Main Street Art Project Ad Hoc Committee

Council made the following appointments to the Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Deputy Mayor Anita Dubeau – Council Representative and Chair;
  • Kathleen Buchan;
  • Judith Davies;
  • Blanche Fox;
  • Greg Garratt;
  • Jenny Leroux;
  • Karen Lacroix Mealing;
  • Jean Miller;
  • Michael Odesse;
  • Anthony Orsatti;
  • Nahthanha Woods;

The Staff Report on the Committee appointments can be found using the link below:

Staff Report PL-2019-05 - Main Street Art Project Ad Hoc Committee Appointments

 Agendas and Minutes

 To view any of the Agendas or Minutes of the Committee please select the following links:

 Agenda - February 27, 2019 - Kick Off Meeting

Minutes - February 27, 2019

Agenda - March 21, 2019

Minutes - March 21, 2019

Agenda - April 16, 2019

Agenda - June 4, 2019

Minutes - June 4, 2019

Agenda - June 27, 2019 (no formal Agenda)

Minutes - June 27, 2019

Agenda - November 13, 2019

Minutes - November 13, 2019

Agenda - January 30, 2020


Streetscape Improvements Presentation - Main Street Art by Envision Tatham February 27, 2019