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The Planning Department is involved in the preparation and review of plans for future development within the Town. Two documents are primarily used to administer the municipality's planning department. The first is called the "Official Plan." It sets out a general policy framework for decisions on planning related matters. For example, it indicates where housing, commercial and industrial activity will be encouraged to locate and what services will be needed for anticipated growth. The second document is called the "Zoning By-law" which specifies the type of development that can occur in different parts of the Town. Any type of proposal that requires a Building Permit must conform to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law. 


The Town of Penetanguishene has re-launched the Official Plan Review - "Sailing Forward" in 2015 with the intent to conduct extensive community consultation and prepare background reports and studies to update the Plan in 2016 and to adopt a new Official Plan for the Town in 2017. 

 Last comprehensively updated in 2001, the Official Plan outlines the long-term vision for land use throughout the Town of Penetanguishene.  It also contains policies that guide the Town, community members and developers in where and how development can occur. The Town Official Plan is required to be inline with provincial and County planning policies.  Many changes have been made to these provincial and County plans.  Therefore, the Town has decided to make the appropriate updates and changes as well.

Council has established a Steering Committee which will assist to guide the planning process.   The Steering Committee consists of:

Councillor Debbie Levy, Councillor Mike Lauder, Member Leslie Stewart, CAO Jeff Lees and Director of Planning and Community Development Andrea Betty.


The Town of Penetanguishene released the Terms of Reference and Request for Proposals to conduct the Official Plan Review entitled "Sailing Forward" on January 18, 2016.    For a copy of the RFP please visit the link below:

Terms of Reference and Request for Proposals for the Official Plan Review.


The Town received nine (9) proposals which were reviewed by the Steering Committee who recommended to Council the proposal by MMM Group.  To view a copy of the Staff report on the recommendation including the accepted Proposal by MMM Group please following the link below:

Staff Report and Accepted Proposal by MMM Group to conduct the Town's Official Plan Review.


The Steering Committee together with members of the Project Team from MMM Group met on March 30, 2016 to review the workplan and consultation strategy.  To view a copy of the Consultation Strategy please visit the following link below:

Consultation Strategy


Throughout the Official Plan Review Project, newsletters will be posted to provide an update on the project below:

Newsletter #1 - July 2016 Draft Vision

Newsletter #2 - January 2017 Discussion Papers

Newsletter #3 - July 2017 Draft New Official Plan

Newsletter #4 - February 2018 Final Draft New Official Plan

Newsletter #5 - June 2018 Approval of New Official Plan June 27, 2018

Newsletter #6 - November 2018 Proposed Modifications to the New Official Plan


There are five (5) Discussion Papers which have been prepared to inform the Official Plan Review on a range of topics and issues.  These discussion papers also satisfy the requirement for a "municipal comprehensive review" when preparing an Official Plan.  Please select from the links below to view each of the papers:

Policy Context Discussion Paper: including the Planning Act, Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) and    the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe;
Infrastructure Discussion Paper:  a review of the Water, Wastewater, Sewage and Transportation Systems;
Housing Discussion Paper: a paper addressing neighbourhoods, affordable housing, density and intensification areas;
Growth Management Discussion Paper: an analysis of residential and employment land needs as well as potential growth areas;
Land Use Framework Discussion Paper:  including the existing characteristics of the Town, current Official Plan Designations and urban design considerations.


On January 24th, 2018 Council of the Town of Penetanguishene approved the release to the public the final draft new Official Plan.  This is an important milestone in the development of the Final new Official Plan for the Town and the release of the document for public review and comment is an essential step in the process under the Planning Act. A complete copy of the draft new Official Plan and associated Schedules can be found using the following links:

Final Draft New Official Plan

Schedule A - Land Use Structure

Schedule B1 - Policy Overlays

Schedule B2 - Source Protection Plan Overlays

Schedule C - Transportation Network 

Response to Public Comments



On November 28, 2018 the Council of the Town of Penetanguishene will be considering the proposed modifications to the new Official Plan by the County of Simcoe at their meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Please visit the following links to view the information.

Proposed New Official Plan with Modifications (tracked changes)

Proposed New Official Plan with modifications

Schedule A - Land Use Structure

Schedule B1 - Policy Overlays

Schedule B2 - Source Protection Plan Overlays

Schedule C - Transportation Network

For more information, please contact the Town of Penentanguishene Planning and Community Development Department:

Andrea Betty, MCIP RPP

Director of Planning and Community Development

705-549-7453 ext. 215