Programs and Incentives

Downtown Businesses

Federal and Provincial

The Provincial and Federal Government offer a variety of programs which can benefit your business. Many of these programs are related to work force development, research and development, tax credits of repayable loans for business growth and investment.

For more information on these programs or to see if your business qualifies view the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation website or call 1-866-668-4249.


Heritage Tax Rebate Program

Well-maintained heritage properties give communities a unique character and enrich our quality of life. Restoring heritage properties has been a catalyst for revitalizing historic town centres and drawing residents, businesses and visitors to communities. While heritage properties provide benefit and enjoyment to the whole community, most of these properties are in private ownership.
It is this historical significance which is being preserved through the protection and enhancement of its local heritage properties. The incorporation of these resources into the fabric of our community has provided a distinct sense of place, which contributes to the evolution and character of our Town. The preservation of heritage properties benefits of all members of the community.
Every owner is responsible for the normal upkeep and maintenance of their property. However, it is recognized that heritage properties may require more intensive care, custom work or restoration at a somewhat higher cost than one would encounter with newer buildings. Viable and well-maintained designated properties enhance the sense of history and community, and also provide educational value for future generations. In 2005, Council established a heritage tax rebate program for designated heritage properties within the Town of Penetanguishene.  This policy was reviewed by Heritage Penetanguishene and Council in 2011.

 Heritage Tax Rebate 

Community Improvement Plan and Incentive Program Guidelines

Council of the Town of Penetanguishene endorsed the creation of a Community Improvement Plan for all lands designated Central Commercial in the Town of Penetanguishene’s Official Plan and directed staff to preapre and release a Request for Proposals to solicit proposals from qualified consultant firms to prepare a Community Improvement Plan and create Incentive Programs to implement the Plan on June 24, 2019.  Additionally, Council allocated $25,000 of the monies set aside in the 2019 Budget  to retain the services of a consultant firm to prepare the Community Improvement Plan and options for incentive programs and set $25,000 to be transferred to a new CIP Reserve for future implementation plans.

On September 4, 2019, a Request for Proposals was released by the Town of Penetanguishene.  The document and any  addendum can be found below. The deadline for submission of a Proposal is Friday, October 4, 2019.

Request for Proposals - Community Improvement Plan and Incentive Program Guidelines