Educational Programs

The Penetanguishene Centennial Museum presents three curriculum-based educational programs for Grade Two and Grade Three classes.

It's Time to Remember

Grade Two Curriculum based program. $1.00 per student (proceeds to the Royal Canadian Legion).

Participants can expect to:

  • Be abe to relate to the acts of war as a form of bullying.
  • Attain knowledge of the operation on Juno Beach on D Day through representation.
  • View firsthand actual veteran's personal memorabilia including flight plans, medals and more.
  • Listen to the poem Flander's Fields and learn about the significance of the poppy.
  • Take pride in their heritage and feel a sense of respect for veterans.

It's Time to Remember flyer

Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthdat to us! focues on the Grade Two curriculum requirement - Traditions and Celebrations. It will cover three specific expections: identify structure of family culture, investigating family history, and cultural traditions.

During the program students will:

  • be able to identify what constitutes a family in today's society;
  • learn the basics of genealogy and apply them by creating a "classroom family;"
  • identify various cultures and recognize the variety of ways people celebrate;
  • recognize the one celebration that links us all together -  our birthdays;
  • discuss the elements of a birthday party and the history of cake, candles, balloons and the birthday song;
  • experience five different celebrations around the world - Ecuado, Ghana, Holland, Mexico and Vietnam. With each component will be a hand-on activity pertaining to that country's tradition.

Cost per student $5.00, program duration 2 hours.

Happy Birthday Educational Program Flyer

Heritage Celebration: Footsteps to Penetanguishene

The history of Penetanguishene is rich in diversity of its' settlers. The growth and strength of the community is based upon the pride of heritage shared by the generations that followed and stayed.

Students will participate in the following:

  • share in the knowledge of the First Nation Peoples' survival in the area;
  • learn the origin of Penetanguishene's settlers;
  • experience their journey here from Drummond Island by boat;
  • decide what to pack in your trunk and what to leave behind;
  • discover the importance of the lumber mill in the growth of the town;
  • get to know Mr. Charles Beck and "shop" in his store sing "Beck Dollars";
  • participate in a museum treasure hunt searching for items used in a lumbering business;
  • make a sawdust dough bowl to take home.

Cost per student $5.00, program duration 2 hours.

Footsteps to Penetanguishene Flyer

We may also adapt our programs to fit the needs of your classroom. Please contact Jan Gadsdon at for more information.