Penetanguishene Council Approves 2020 Budget

Posted on Thursday December 12, 2019

December 12, 2019 - Penetanguishene   

At last night’s Council meeting, Penetanguishene Council approved the 2020 operating and capital budget and the 2021 capital budget which include expenditures totaling $22.1 million ($13.8 million operating & $8.3 million capital). Town staff worked closely with Council to meet the established budget target of 2.2% for the Town’s tax impact.  After much hard work, the approved budget resulted in an increase of $270,000 ($129,158 or 1.2% Operating; $87,756 or 0.8% Capital and $53,080 or 0.5% Policing).  The Town tax impact is 2% and the Policing tax impact is 0.5%. 

Finance & Corporate Services Chair, Councillor George Vadeboncoeur stated “I feel the budget strikes a balance between enhancing core municipal functions, introducing new programs to meet the needs of the community, supporting our staff, reducing debt, and keeping the tax rate at or below inflation.  It was truly a team effort”.

The highlights of the 2020 and 2021 budget include:

  • The tax-supported capital program for 2020 and 2021 approved at $2.58 million (increase of 12%);
  • The total capital program for 2020 (all funding sources) is $5.1 million and $3.2 million for 2021;
  • The 2 year capital program includes: 
    • Construction of Thompsons Rd W
    • County Road 93 Multi-Use Trail
    • Intersection Upgrades at Robert St W & Fuller Ave
    • Fox St Sewage Treatment Plant Dechlorination System
    • Environmental Assessment on the Payette Water System
    • Reconstruction of the first phase of Chatham St (from Beck Blvd to Burke St)
    • Drainage Improvements on Payette Dr
    • Engineering for Water St and the Town Gateway Reconstruction
    • Museum Dry Sprinkler System
    • Curling Club Foundation Repairs
    • Therrien Park Playground Replacement and
    • Overhead Bridge Rd Trailhead Development
  • The Town’s total operating budget for 2020 is $13.8 million with $9.2 million funded by taxation;
  • It includes $3.75 million for Water & Wastewater, $2.9 million for Public Works & Roads, $1.7 million for Policing, $1 mil for Fire & Emergency Services, $765,000 for Debt Reduction, $824,000 for the Library & Other Community Organizations, $623,000 for the Arena & Parks, $201,000 for Recreation Programming & Events, $185,000 for the Museum and $56,000 for Transit.

The overall 2020 tax impact is currently estimated at 1.2% or $17.68 per 100,000 of typical residential current value assessment.  When the County and Provincial tax rates are received in 2020, the Town will adopt its 2020 tax rates in April 2020 and calculate the actual overall tax impact.  The 2020 Budget is available at Townhall, the Penetanguishene Public Library or on the Town’s website.

Chief Administrative Officer                                                                                   
Jeff Lees, CPA, CGA 

Director of Finance/Treasurer
Carrie Robillard, CPA, CGA