Council Highlights - September 11, 2019

Posted on Friday September 13, 2019

Council Highlights provide a brief overview of noteworthy decisions and presentations made at Town of Penetanguishene Council meetings. Detailed agendas and minutes from the meetings are available on our website or you can view our livestream for additional details. Meetings take place the second and fourth Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted.


  • Council held the Statutory Public Meeting for the proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment for the property at 1145 Fuller Avenue, known as St Andrew's Village;
  •  Council held the Statutory Public Meeting to consider the removal of the Holding “H” Symbol for the property at 150 Little Sandy Bay Lane.
  • Council discussed Draft Plan of Subdivision (File No. PEN-SUB-2019-02) and Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z.A. 3/2019) 1145 Fuller Avenue.  A future staff report will address any comments received at the Public Meeting.
  • Council approved the passage of a Zoning By-law Amendment to remove the Holding “H” Symbol for the property at 150 Little Sandy Bay Lane.
  • Council approved two By-laws being By-laws being a Private Road Agreement regarding lands municipally known as 150 Little Sandy Bay Lane as well as a By-law to Amend Zoning By-law to Remove ‘H’ Symbol from 150 Little Sandy Bay Lane.

Committee of the Whole (items that were discussed to be ratified at Council’s next meeting):

  • Committee received a presentation from the Museum Curator, Nicole Jackson and approved the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum & Archives’ Strategic Plan for 2020-2024.
  • Committee received an update regarding the Ojibwa Landing Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment.
  • Committee approved a two (2) year contract with D. Carr Excavating Ltd for the supply of winter sand material and mixing services.
  • Committee approved the extension of the Biosolids Management contract with the Region of Huronia Environmental Services for a term of three (3) years.
  • Committee approved a tender be awarded to Huronia Alarms for the Engineering to design and install a fire suppression system at the Centennial Museum and the Payette Pump Station.
  • Committee received an Memo noting a  Complete Application and scheduling of a Public Meeting for the properties at 176 and 200 Fox Street formerly known as Bay Moorings Marina) having a File No. of PEN-SUB-2019-01 and Zoning By-law Amendment File No. Z.A. 2/2019
  • Committee approved staff direction to indicate that the municipality does not have an interest in the subject parcel and would not oppose an application to the Courts for a municipal interest into former Right of Way – Louise Crescent from an abutting property owner.
  • Committee received a letter from Hospice Huronia requesting forgiveness of Development Charges.  Staff were directed to prepare a report with further information for consideration. 
  • Committee approved the harmonization of fees between the Penetanguishene and Midland Fire Departments.  The fee by-law will be updated accordingly once the Town of Midland has considered the request and made a decision. 

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

Committee of Adjustment – September 23, 2019

Council & Committee of the Whole – September 25, 2019

Special Committee of the Whole – Budget Draft #1 – October 2, 2019

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