Backflow Prevention Program

The Municipality passed By-law 2009-105 at Council on December 9, 2009 regulating Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention on plumbing systems in all Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) customers, ensuring the protection of the Town of Penetanguishene drinking water supply and distribution system from contamination.

  • What is Backflow? Find out what backflow is, and why backflow prevention is so important to the Town of Penetanguishene.

Purpose of the Program

Find out why this program is necessary?

Who is affected by this by-law

Find out if you are considered to be an ICI Customer

If you are required to install a backflow prevention device on your property. This page lists several types and also discusses premise isolation

Is a building permit required to install a backflow prevention device?

Find out what is required for the installation of the backflow prevention device.

For further information on the Cross Connection Control Program, please contact the Cross Connection Control Program Coordinator, Peter Dumais, at the Water Division Office.