Community Improvement and Sustainability

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The Town of Penetanguishene strives to work with residents, businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations to develop programs, policies, master plans and services that integrate the environment, economic, social and cultural values to make Penetanguishene the most livable town in Ontario.

Community Improvement

The Town of Penetanguishene achieves improvements within the community by ensuring services as provided and delivered in a cost effective and creative manner, respecting the environment, values and heritage of our culturally diverse community. This enables the Town to continue to grow in a managed fashion while preserving and enhancing those features that make Penetanguishene unique.

The Town is proud of its waterfront location on Southern Georgian Bay, its history, its bilingual character, its natural environment, and its small town atmosphere, where people are friendly and look after their neighbours.

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Community Sustainability

The Town of Penetanguishene is recognized as a leader among small municipalities in responding to the challenges of the 21st century to create and maintain a sustainable community. We achieve this through:

  • Good governance;

  • Quality, personal & professional customer service;

  • Continued investment in the Town’s infrastructure;

  • Commitment to ensuring services are provided in an environmentally responsible manner;

  • Embracing our Cultures and Heritage;

  • Maintaining public access to our Waterfront on beautiful Georgian Bay;

  • Responsible growth management and development;

  • Development of Partnerships that support and grow the community;

  • Capitalize on our economic and tourism strengths.

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Severn Sound Environmental Association

Through a successful partnership with the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA), Penetanguishene is able to raise awareness and achieve conservation, environmental and stewardship targets.

This is accomplished through:

  • Cooperative initiatives to address environmental issues - planning, designing, arranging funding and implementing environmental projects;
  • SSEA acts as liaison between local stakeholders and government agencies;
  • Coordination and monitoring of environmental status to follow trends and detect new problems;
  • SSEA provides a "neutral informed voice" that assists the community in focusing efforts and assists in planning and infrastructure decisions;
  • Engaging the Severn Sound community in remediation, monitoring, conservation and stewardship;
  • Providing educational and information services to the member municipalities, other agencies and residents;
  • Promoting a sustainable Severn Sound community.

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Sustainable Severn Sound - Climate Change Mitigation

The Town of Penetanguishene is a member of a collaborative sustainability program focused on mitigating climate change by integrating climate change considerations within municipal operations, policies and procedures. In January 2018, the Town joined the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program, joining a network of over 350 municipalities who have made a commitment to take action on climate change in acting on climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the town’s Associate Member to the PCP program, SSS has guided Penetanguishene through Milestones 1, 2 and 3 of the 5-Milestone framework.  

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