Community Improvement Plans

Community Improvement projects are no easy task. They are, however, essential for any municipality looking for financial, industrial and residential growth. A healthy central business district attracts investors, tourists and special events, further contributing to a healthy and vibrant community.

Consultation of the Town of Penetanguishene's Growth Management Study, Official Plan, Urban Design Guidelines, Downtown Revitalization Strategy and Town Strategic Plan and independent researches will help steer the Town in the right direction.

In a report conducted in 2005, some of the strengths and weaknesses related to the downtown area included:


  • Community appeared attractive and clean;
  • Nice, visible sign for Discovery Harbour with the small rest area on Robert Street East;
  • Natural location based on surrounding geography;
  • No parking meters;
  • Parks and benches showed focus on health and fitness;
  • Effort to beautify with awnings, flowers and "antique" lamp posts;
  • Bilingual signs for some stores;
  • Information booth (downtown, region and Chamber) is a great idea.


  • Limited directional signs;
  • Store signs were not eye catching;
  • Window displays had limited appeal, lacked themes, and were in need of cleaning;
  • Limited variety and quality of merchandise;
  • Street slope can make it difficult to back out of angle parking;
  • Angel Gate Plaza looked a little run down and in need of some construction;
  • Village Square Mall seemed a little bare with no real exciting stores;
  • Municipal Office not readily identifiable;
  • Tall Ship welcome sign was eye-catching but could have been more vibrant;
  • Well signed but not until past Midland (should distinguish between the two towns more).

Community Initiatives Moving Forward

Based on the report from 2005, the Town of Penetanguishene is moving forward with community improvement initiatives that will focus on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses through community pride and involvement.

Park Improvements

  • Improved Public Beach Maintenance at Rotary and Huronia Park ;
  • Rotary Park Redesign;
  • Recreation Master Plan review .

Trail Improvements

  • Waterfront Connections to Town Dock ;
  • Improved internal trails within and connecting various waterfront Parks including TransCanada and Discovery Harbour Trail ;
  • Trail connection from Beck to Church Street ;
  • Trail connection to Midland ;
  • Trail connection through Bellisle Heights and to County Forest ;
  • Trail and sidewalk connection to Georgian Village .

Downtown Improvement Area

  • Directional Si gnage Replacement Program;
  • Streetscaping Program: Planters ; Hanging Baskets, Benches , Banners ;
  • Marketing of Redevelopment and Development Opportunities ;
  • Hotel Feasibility Study;
  • Land Use evaluation;
  • Planning for enhancements during Main Street Reconstruction .

Heritage Tax Rebate Program

Urban Design Guidelines