Emergency Management

The Town of Penetanguishene is committed to providing a safe community and part of this is through its Community Emergency Management Program. This program refers to the preparedness and response capabilities of the community in meeting the needs caused by wide scale emergency or disaster. It is the coordinated response of both municipal and non-municipal resources. Emergency Management encompasses planning, preparation, policy, education and training for emergency personnel, Town Staff and the public, and response to and recovery from an emergency.

Emergencies are defined as situations or impending situations caused by forces of nature, an accident, an intentional act or otherwise that constitutes a danger of major proportions to life and property. They affect public safety, namely the health, welfare, and property of those in the community, as well as the environment and economic strength of the area. Its nature and magnitude must be such as to require a controlled and coordinated response by a number of agencies, both governmental and private, under the direction of an Emergency Control Group, as distinct from routine operation carried out by an agency or agencies (e.g., firefighting, police activities, and hospital routines).

In your day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility, yet natural disasters such as power failures during the winter or tornadoes during the summer can strike any community at any time. Emergencies occur with some degree of surprise and require unusual and demanding response effort.

Most people are unaware of their responsibility for initial action in an emergency in that they should be prepared to do what is reasonably necessary in the first 72 hours to protect their life and property. Do you have an emergency plan?

Penetanguishene wants you to be prepared. Emergencies can and do happen so it is an important challenge for everyone to be aware of and be prepared for both natural and human-related emergencies. Everyone is encouraged to become familiar with Personal Emergency Preparedness and to develop a personal emergency plan.