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Adopt a Road Program

View theAdopt-a-Road Program Application and traffic control plan

The Town of Penetanguishene ADOPT-A-ROAD program is a private/public partnership program where environmentally conscientious and community-minded individuals and/or groups make a contribution to a cleaner environment and a healthy community by volunteering to remove roadside litter.

For more information or to apply for a permit, please contact the Public Works Department Road Division.  Contact information is on the right side of this page.

Load Restrictions

From March 1 to April 30, all roads (other than those with exemptions) will be restricted to load limits of 5 tonnes per axle. These restrictions will remain in effect for the above noted time period and will depend on road conditions with signs posted accordingly.  See below to view the Roads affected.

  • Champlain Road - from Robert Street West to Town Boundary
  • Overhead Bridge Road - from Robert Street West to Town Boundary
  • Currie Road - from Midland Point Road to Alvin Williams Road
  • Lafontaine Road - from Robert Street West to Town Boundary
  • Pinegrove Road - from Fuller Avenue to Tinney Side Road
  • Sandy Bay Road - Full Length
  • Tay Point Road - Full Length

Municipal Consent Permit

A municipal consent is required prior to any work performed within the right-of-way of assumed roads under the jurisdiction of the Town of Penetanguishene.

For more information or to submit an application, please contact Director of Public Works. Contact information is on the left of this page.

Spring Clean Up

The Penetanguishene Roads Department performs spring clean up operations. The Town is asking for the publics assistance in carrying out the picking up of winter sand in the following way.

Firstly, the Sand Crew consists of the following Machines,

  • one water truck,
  • one sidewalk machine with broom,
  • two frontend loaders,
  • one with a broom, and one with a bucket,
  • one street sweeper and
  • one tandem dump truck.

Please be aware of all the equipment in the work zone.

We are asking the Public to assist us in making this procedure as safe as possible by observing a few simple practices.

1)      When approaching the Street Cleaning Crew from either direction slow down then proceed with caution.

2)      When approaching machines from the rear, avoid getting to close to the machine, "if you can't see the operators mirrors, he can't see you."

3)      When a vehicle enters the work zone the operators will make sure to give enough room for you to pass by safely, please be patient while driving through the work area.

4)      When it is necessary to close a section of road, it is done to protect not only the Work Crew it is also to protect the Public, when a Road Closed Sign is ignored, the vehicle driving around the sign is not only breaking the law, but also creating a very dangerous situation for everyone involved.

We at the Public Works would like to thank you in advance for you patients and understanding in this matter

Tree Planting Program

The Town is working together with Severn Sound Environmental Services. To receive more information on this program click on the following link:

View the SSEA's Tree Seedling Distribution Program Details