Sewer Backups and Maintenance

The sanitary sewer mains and connections within the Municipal right of way are maintained and repaired by the Municipality. If you are having a problem with sewage back up at your property please contact Public Works Department immediately.

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The updated Your Septic System: Protecting Your Investment and the Environment brochure is now available as part of the Source Water Protection Education and Outreach Resource Catalogue. 

This brochure includes information on septic system maintenance, safe operation and the mandatory inspection program. The brochure will help meet the intent of some source protection policies related to the Clean Water Act, which also supports the province's efforts to prepare for climate change.

The brochure and a text-only template for locally-developed materials are available on Conservation Ontario's website. The brochure is also available electronically through the Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre website.  The brochure is available in both English and French.

Reserve print copies will be distributed to source protection authorities that have identified this type of brochure within their education and outreach policies. Additional copies may be obtained through the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Public Information Centre at 416-325-4000, 1-855-565-4923,, or TTY 1-855-515-2759.