Who is Affected

Who is affected by this by-law?

All ICI Customers ( Industrial, Commercial, Institutional) and specific Multi-residential properties (large volume users) that have the potential to contaminate the Town's water supply system, must install backflow prevention devices on all connections coming off the Towns' water supply line. Different industries have different hazard classifications, i.e. a car wash facility or a hospital would be rated as a severe risk, a restaurant or school would be rated as a moderate risk.


Includes - Schools, Hospitals, Retirement homes, Correctional facilities


Includes - Factories, Manufacturers


Any building or structure used for the purpose of buying & selling commodities and supplying services.

Includes - Stores, restaurants, gas stations, hair salons, car wash facilities etc.

Why are homes not covered by this by-law?

Dual check valves are already installed at premises in single family homes and these pose the least threat for contamination of the water supply. They are considered a low hazard and no protection is required in the by-law. However, homeowners can help to protect our water supply and the water within their own homes by installing backflow prevention devices on their garden hose bibbs.