Addressing Council

Would you like to address Penetanguishene Town Council on an issue? If so, you may wish to appear as a delegation at an upcoming Council or Coordinated Section Committee meeting.

As a delegate, you are allowed a maximum of ten (10) minutes to outline your request or concerns. If your delegation consists of five or more people, two spokespersons may address council/committee, each for a maximum of five minutes.  Please note as these are public meetings, they may be recorded for broadcast on Rogers TV and/or the Town’s website.

Limitation on Number of Delegations

Any person/organization shall be limited to two (2) deputations in a calendar year on the same subject matter.

Request to Appear as a Deputation

If you would like to or make a request of the Council or a Committee, please submit written notice to the Corporate Services Department 12:00 noon on Wednesday prior to a Council or Committee meeting. Within the request please state the purpose of the deputation including detailed specific outline of the subject matter of the deputation and any supporting documents. Unfortunately if this information is not provided, we will be unable to approve your request and you will not be listed on the agenda. View the Deputations and Delegations By-law.

Please be advised that petitions submitted at a public meeting are considered to form part of the public record. Accordingly, if you wish to submit a petition please ensure that everyone who has signed it understands that their personal information will be available to the public and will NOT be protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).