Museum & Heritage Committee

Committee Mandate

The Museum & Heritage Advisory Committee shall oversee the following functions, determine action in accordance with delegated authority, make recommnedations to Recereation & Community Services Section, or receive for information:

  • To collect, maintain and provide resources for archival, historical and genealogical research.
  • To collect, conserve, preserve and exhibit artifacts and historial materials that pertain to the history of Penetanguishene and surrounding communities.
  • To serve as a focal point for community participation and engagement through the hosting of events and activities.
  • Expand awareness and appreciation of heritage and history through education, interpretation and accessbile programming for all age groups.
  • Expand and develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders and individuals to serve the needs of the community and the museum.
  • Promote and market the museum and the Town of Penetanguishene as an attractive destination for local visitors and tourists.
  • Evaluate properties of architectural and historical significance within the Town of Penetanguishene and recommend formal designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Review and approve modifications to structures and Heritage Tax Rebates designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Receipt and approval of road names.
  • Host annual events, seminars or workshops related to heritage preservation and promotion to the extent provided for in the annual budget.

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