Recreation and Community Services

children playing

The Recreation and Community Services Department is a leader in the provision and facilitation of recreation, culture and parks services and opportunities. Through responsible resource management, excellence in programming and community partnerships, the department strives to enrich the quality of life for all residents by promoting healthy lifestyle choices, showcasing the Town's rich cultural heritage, and offering a variety of high quality recreation.

Building a Healthy Community

By recognizing the role that recreation and culture play in promoting health lifestyles and social interaction, the Town will strive to provide community and political support to ensure that services are properly delivered, maintained and enhanced.

Making Recreation and Culture Accessible for All

Recreation and cultural services will be made reasonably accessible and affordable to all residents, recognizing that different individuals or groups may have different needs and expectations.

Investing in Opportunities for Youth

The Town will invest in organized and unorganized activities for youth by providing opportunities that engage youth in meaningful physical activity and recreation and cultural experiences.

Enhancing Opportunities for Seniors

As the older adult and senior population grows, the Town will broaden its complement of active and social leisure programs and services to this age group.

Embracing the Natural Environment and Heritage Sites

The Town will continue to embrace its natural surroundings and heritage sites and build upon the opportunities provided by these assets through the exploration of programming options and the promotion of recreation and cultural activities associated with these assets.

Providing the Necessary Infrastructure

As a high priority, the Town will strive towards the provision and maintenance of integrated and accessible recreation infrastructure that meets community needs and reflects a diversity of interests, ages and abilities.

Encouraging Positive Partnerships and Alliances

The Town of Penetanguishene is an active supporter of the Culture Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay.

Where appropriate, the Town will pursue partnerships with other public, community and private sector providers in order to facilitate the provision of a diverse range of recreation and culture services.

Efficient and Effective Service Delivery

The Town, through its role as the primary coordinator of the local leisure system, will ensure that the required tools, resources and supports are available so that recreation and culture opportunities are provided in an efficient and effective manner.

For further information please contact the Director of Recreation and Community Services.