Roads Division

Roads Division Building

The Town's Mission Statement for Road Division is the following:

  • To preserve and maintain the existing infrastructure network through preventative maintenance and expand that inventory as required to satisfy existing and future demands.
  • To provide the residents of the Town with effective and timely maintenance of the Town's road network to the standards established by the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards.
  • To provide the Town with vehicle and equipment maintenance services and to establish a maintenance program that ensures vehicles and equipment reach their service life.
  • To ensure that stormwater is effectively managed and treated before being discharged into Georgian Bay.

The Roads Division is also to follow the Town of Penetanguishene Minimum Maintenance Standard and Road Classification Map.

Road Division Mandate

  • Maintain and inspect asphalt/gravel roads such as repairing pot holes, shouldering, paving, etc.
  • Snowplow/sand and remove snow from roads and sidewalks; How you can help!!
  • Inspect and maintain catch basins and storm sewers;
  • Maintain and repair sewer lines;
  • Responsible for removing, changing and repairing of signs;
  • Maintain and inspect sidewalks;
  • Maintain and create ditches;
  • Carry out the spring clean up program;
  • Responsible for inspection and removal of trees;
  • Co-ordinate and conduct utility locates;
  • ensure that the municipal fleet is maintained in the most efficient manner possible and that vehicles are replaced in a timely fashion.
  • Sale of Surplus Equipment and Vehicles Policy
  • Maintenance of Retaining Wall Stuctures Policy

Description of assets and infrastructure

  • 90 km of roads - 82.2 kms of paved roadway
  • 19.5 km of sidewalk
  • 51.6 km of sanitary sewer (active)
  • 23 km of storm sewer (mains and culverst)
  • 530 catch basins
  • 674 sanitary sewer access points within the Town
  • 834 storm sewer access points within the Town.



2021 Road Construction Projects: Yet to be determined