Special Council

View of Penetanguishene at night

A special meeting of Council can be called by the CAO/Town Clerk when requested from the Head of Council or Member of Council. At least 24 hours notice is provided to the public and each member of council. Special Council meetings are listed on our calendar for upcoming meeting dates. Meetings are open to the general public.

Current agendas and reports for current council meetings, advisory-committee meetings and standing-committee meetings are available. Past minutes and reports are also available.

Members (2010-2014 term):

  • Mayor G. Marshall
  • Deputy Mayor P. Marion
  • Councillor E. Chapelle
  • Councillor D. Levy
  • Councillor H. Luzius
  • Councillor M. Mayotte
  • Councillor D. O'Shea
  • Councillor J. Robitaille
  • Councillor B. Saunders