Live Streaming - Committee and Council

The Town of Penetanguishene is pleased to offer live streaming of council meetings. Please note that live streaming and the after meeting recorded video are provided as a convenience to our community. Municipalities are not required to video record meetings. However we recognize that offering a live webcast and video recording can make council meetings more accessible to interested residents. At times, we do experience technical difficulties. We do our best to address them immediately, but video, audio, and recording systems may malfunction. When they do, we are not able to provide an alternative video or live feed. The best way to be guaranteed to hear all council discussion is to attend meetings in person.

Check the schedule of upcoming council or committee meetings of this page to see when the next live stream will be available.

If you tune in for an advertised council meeting and the webcast is not playing, it's likely the meeting has ended. Meetings are scheduled to run approximately 4 hours but can end earlier. Please check the meeting agenda for the estimated timing of agenda items and meeting adjournment. 

If you have any questions about the streaming or recording of council meetings, contact the Town Clerk.

To find archived meetings visit our Youtube page. 

Meetings are also available for viewing on the Rogers TV website