Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division operates and maintains:

  • 5 wastewater sewage pumping lift stations
  • 2 tertiary sewage treatment plants (Philip H. Jones Pollution Control Plant & Fox Street)

Wastewater Division Mandate

  • Monitor and control treatment processes to ensure plant effluent meets all M.O.E Certificate of Approval requirements so that the water in Penetang Bay is suitable for aquatic life and recreational use.
  • Maintain and inspect all the wastewater sewage works facilities and equipment daily.
  • Sample and test the wastewater from the system and submit samples to private MOE accredited labs to ensure that the wastewater meets all the standards set out in the C of A’s, as well as in-house testing regime.
  • Prepare monthly, annual, and bypass reports as required by the M.O.E.
  • Administer and monitor the biosolids sludge to land program.

Mission Statement and Objectives

The Town’s Mission Statement for Pollution Control Division is to meet the Provincial Certificate of Approval requirements for the treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater assets and infrastructure:

The Town owns and operates two tertiary (3rd stage) sewage treatment plants, the Main STP (Philip H. Jones Pollution Control Plant) and Fox Street (the north end plant) with a combined capacity of 6,045 m3/day (4,545 m3/day at Main STP and 1,500 m3/day at Fox STP)

Annual Reports

Click on the link to view the STP Wastewater Annual Reports for Philip H. Jones Pollution Control Plan, Fox Street Plant and Sewage Pumpstations.