Water Division


Water Division Office

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pmT: 705-549-2606
After Hours: 705-527-8210

The Town's Mission Statement for Water Division is to meet the Province of Ontario Water Standards and the Town's licensing requirements for the taking and treating of water.

Water Division operates and maintains:

  • 2 water systems 5 wells
  • 1 in ground reservoirs
  • 1 elevated water tank
  • 2 standpipes
  • 67 km of watermain
  • 599 valves
  • 382 (includes 66 private) hydrants

Water Division Mandate

  • Ensure that the residents in our municipality have sufficient, safe potable water to drink.
  • Maintain and inspect all the water works facilities and equipment in the municipality such as pump stations, reservoirs, pumps, valves and fire hydrants
  • Sample and test the water from the systems to ensure that the water meets all the standards set out in the provincial drinking water standards.
  • Repair water main and water service breaks
  • Install new water services, on municipal side only, and inspect water meter installations
  • Respond to any water quality complaints.
  • Co-ordinate and conduct utility locates.
  • Maintain comprehensive records as required by all applicable legislation.
  • Prepare reports as required by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Calibrate analyzers and testing equipment.
  • Administer water meter installation program.
  • Maintain the accreditation to the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard 
  • Resolve issues related to water meters
  • Administer the town's cross connection control program