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Youth Council is a place where Youth can

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The Youth Council will provide youth an opportunity to engage in topics such as safety concerns, playground design, and programming for youth (like recreation or dance parties)

Youth Council Membership Application Form

A Youth Council is a formal board of young people that provides representation and a voice for youth in the community.  Youth Councils provide recommendations and guidance around issues affecting young people.  Councils facilitate the involvement of young people in local governance and decision-making.

The Youth Council could be an opportunity for young people in Penetanguishene to engage in topics by considering items that arise from the different Council meetings such as safety concerns, playground design, and programming for youth (like recreation or dance parties)

What do Youth Councillors do?

Youth Councillors work to:

  • Represent the views of young people in Penetanguishene
  • Share their views with the Town Council on issues affecting young people
  • Improve the range and quality of services for young people in Penetanguishene

You will have the opportunity to campaign on issues that concern you and other young people.

To be a Youth Councillor, you need to be enthusiastic, committed and passionate about the issues you want to campaign about.  You will need to commit a minimum of an hour and a half of your free time monthly.  Details of the specific dates and times will be determined by the Youth Council at the first meeting.  It will be the decision of the Youth Council as a whole if additional meetings or time is required.  Most of the requirement of time will be in the evenings and therefore will require juggling school work and other commitments and hobbies with the role of a youth councillor.

What's in it for me?

If elected as a Youth Councillor, you will have the opportunity to learn lots of new skills, and gain experience that will help you in your future career.

As a Youth Councillor you will learn about:

  • Local democracy and decision making
  • Public speaking
  • Your skills and how you want to develop them
  • Working as part of a team to bring about a shared goal
  • How to influence and persuade decision makers

Being a part of the Youth Council will provide you with an opportunity that will look great on your resume and applications for further and higher education, training and jobs.

To become a Youth Councillor, you will need:

  • Signed permission from your parent or guardian
  • Complete the candidate application form

If you have been selected or elected to be on the Youth Council, the school will notify you and you will be contacted by the Corporate Services department at the Town of Penetanguishene.

Youth Council