Council and Committee of the Whole Highlights, December 13 2023

Council Highlights provide a brief overview of noteworthy decisions and presentations made at Town of Penetanguishene Council meetings. Detailed agendas and minutes from the meetings are available on our website. This meeting is available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. 

Special Council

Council convened in Closed Session in accordance with the Town of Penetanguishene Procedural By-law 2023-50, the Council of the Town of Penetanguishene move into an in-camera session to discuss:

  • A verbal update from the CAO regarding the 78 Main Street Building Collapse.
  • A letter from Solicitor dated February 2, 2022 regarding the Opinion on CNCC Policing Costs.


  • Council received a video presentation recognizing Long Serving Staff for Years of Services in 2023.
  • Council received a presentation from the Severn Sound Environmental Association regarding the Naturalization Project Update.
  • Council approved the Committee of the Whole Report ratifying the decisions of the November 8, 2023, meeting.
  • Council received a verbal update from the Mayor regarding Library Services - Tiny Township.
  • Council approved the Policing Costs at CNCC Strategy as outlined.
  • Council supported the resolution from the Town of Parry Sound relating to the request to allow automated enforcement systems on all roadways.
  • Council approved the Special Committee of the Whole Reports ratifying the decisions from the November 8, November 15 and December 6 meetings.
  • Council deferred By-law 2023-74 and passed 4 by-laws, including:
    • 2023-73 Being a By-law to Regulate Construction, Demolition, and Change of Use Permits for Buildings, Structures, and All Other Related Services Within the Town of Penetanguishene and to Repeal By-law 2012-35, as amended
    • 2023-75 Being a By-law to Authorize the Temporary Borrowing of Funds to Meet Current Expenditures Until 2024 Taxes are Collected
    • 2023-76 Being a By-law to Provide for a 2024 Interim Tax Levy for the Payment of Taxes and to Provide for Penalty and Interest of 15% per Annum (1.25% per Month)
    • 2023-77 Being a By-law to Appoint a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (C.E.M.C.)

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole (Committee) facilitates the decision-making process of Council. The Committee is comprised of all members of Council who fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision. Items that are discussed in Committee of the Whole are to be ratified at Council’s next meeting.

  • Committee received a presentation from Greenland International Consulting Ltd. & Popovich and Associates regarding the Engineering Standards and Site Plan Update.
  • Committee received a presentation from BMA Management Consulting Inc regarding the Business Process Review Project for Planning, Building, By-law and Facilities Management which made recommendations on efficiency and service delivery.


  • Committee approved the adoption of the Engineering Standards Update and Site Plan Guideline & Stormwater Management Best Practices Referral Item as presented.
  • Committee approved the Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of a Driveway Culvert Policy – Costing and Maintenance Standards as presented.
  • Committee approved the Recreational Vehicle Blackwater Receiving Station Options as presented.


  • Committee received the Public Library Board Meeting Minutes from September 25 and October 30 for information.
  • Committee approved the Environmentally Inspired Mowing Policy as presented.
  • Committee received the Communities in Bloom report for information.
  • Committee approved the Penetang Midland Minor Ball Hockey League Agreement as outlined.
  • Committee approved the recommended actions within the Parks Equipment Surplus and Purchase.


  • Committee received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Development regarding Vacant Commercial Properties Disincentives which was requested as a referral by Council.
  • Committee received a memo from the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer regarding Monthly Activity Report – November 2023 for information.
  • Committee received the Business Process Review Project – Planning, Building, By-law and Facilities Management for discussion and approved direction for staff to implement the operating recommendations and to bring forward to future meetings recommendations that are governance in nature for a Council decision.
  • Committee directed staff to prepare a proposal in response to the County of Simcoe’s Call for Proposal for the properties at 161 Church Street, 151 Fox Street and 1484 Brunelle Sideroad.
  • Committee approved the Zoning By-law Amendment Z.A. 9/2023 – 200 Fox Street and 2 Hope Street – Referral from Council as outlined. A Zoning By-law Amendment is proposed to be passed by Council at the January 10, 2024 meeting.


  • Committee received the 2023 Financial Indicator Review for information.
  • Committee approved the 2024 Meeting Calendar (Council and Committee of the Whole) as presented.
  • Committee approved the LED Digital Signage Options as presented.
  • Committee approved the Joint Integrity Commissioner Appointment as outlined.

Committee Upcoming Meetings and other community events are listed on our website.

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Sarah Dusome

Communications & Technology Coordinator

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