Council and Committee of the Whole Highlights - January 10, 2024

Council Highlights provide a brief overview of noteworthy decisions and presentations made at Town of Penetanguishene Council meetings. Upcoming meetings including agendas and minutes from the meetings are available on our website. This meeting is available for viewing on our YouTube Channel. 


  • Mayor Rawson proclaimed January 2024 as “Crime Stoppers Month” and encouraged citizens of Penetanguishene to be a crime stopper. 
  • Council received a deputation from Matthew Lawson, President & CEO of Georgian Bay General Hospital. 
  • Council received a delegation regarding Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) from Michael A. Powell, PhD University of Alberta.  
  • Council adopted the minutes from Council and Special Council for December 13, 2023. 
  • Council received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Development regarding the Proposed Tree Protection By-law (2024-02). 
  • Council received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Development regarding the Ontario Land Tribunal Decision OLT-23-000727, 23 Don Street, Penetanguishene.  
  • Council approved the declaration of the second Saturday in June as “Transit Awareness Day”.  
  • Council approved the Committee of the Whole Report from December 13, 2023 with the exception of item 8 b. ii) being the County of Simcoe Call for Proposals Affordable Rental Development to be referred back to staff for additional information.  
  • Council passed 4 by-laws, including:  
    2024-01 Being a by-law to Appoint an Integrity Commissioner For the Town of Penetanguishene 
    2024-02 Being a By-law to prohibit or regulate the injuring or destruction of trees within the Town of Penetanguishene 
    2024-03 Being a By-law to Authorize the Execution of an Agreement Between The Corporation of The Town of Penetanguishene and the Penetang Midland Minor Ball Hockey League for the use of the Penetanguishene Memorial Community Centre for the period April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2027 
    2024-04 Being a By-law to Amend Zoning By-law 2022-17, as amended of The Corporation of the Town of Penetanguishene 

Committee of the Whole  

Committee of the Whole (Committee) facilitates the discussion and decision-making process of Council. The Committee is comprised of all members of Council who fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision. Items that are discussed in Committee of the Whole are to be ratified at Council’s next meeting. 


  • Committee approved the proposed 5 Year Sidewalk Maintenance and Reconstruction Plan.  
  • Committee approved the Midland Penetanguishene Transit Agreement.  
  • Committee approved the required additional funds for Enterprise Vehicle Upfitting.  


No agenda items.  


  • Committee received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Development regarding the 4th Quarter Planning and Community Development Department Update. 
  • Committee received a memo from the Director of Planning and Community Development regarding the Planning and Community Development Department 2023 Year in Review. 
  • Committee received a memo from the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer regarding the Monthly Activity Report – December 2023. 
  • Committee approved staff proceeding with the development of an Alternative Notice Policy.  
  • Committee approved the direction to staff to create a Public Art Policy to be presented at future meeting.  


  • Committee received a memo from the Deputy Clerk regarding the Southern Georgian Bay OPP Detachment Board for information.  

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The Town of Penetanguishene publishes Council Highlights after meetings. Council encourages its residents, businesses and stakeholders to stay abreast of Council news. Council Highlights briefly describe items of interest to the public.  To view detailed information visit or Connect Penetanguishene 

Sarah Marshall

Communications & Technology Coordinator

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