Notice of Naturalization of Municipal Lands

With support from the Town, the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA), was successful in securing $50,000 from the Great Lakes Local Action Fund to complete on-the ground habitat naturalization/restoration projects on municipally owned land in both Penetanguishene and Midland.  Through this partnership the community will:

  • Improve pollinator habitat and biological diversity
  • Achieve climate change action goals such as enhancing the landscape’s capacity to sequester greenhouse gases contributing to climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Increase the importance of habitat restoration and educate and empower community action

On April 12 Council also ratified a decision to submit an application in pursuit of a Bee City Canada designation.  Council and staff are confident that joining the movement to support pollinator protection is the right thing for the municipality to do. 

Both of the initiatives outlined above support the Town’s Climate Change Action Plan and Penetanguishene’s current strategic plan that aims to celebrate and strengthen its natural environment.  As such, the Town has committed to naturalizing the following two areas of municipally owned land:

Therrien Park – 21 Therrien Court

JT Payette Park – 67 Edward Street

Town staff will be working with Michelle Hudolin, Manager Watershed Resilience, Wetlands & Habitat Biologist and Emma Maurice, Climate Resilience-Habitat Intern from SSEA on the naturalization of these two areas. 

If you would like to learn more about the Bee City Canada initiative, please visit

To learn more about these specific naturalization projects, or to get involved and volunteer in tree planting initiatives, please reach out to either of the undersigned below.


Sherry Desjardins


Roy Patenaude

Manager of Facilities

 JT Payette Park – 67 Edward Street Map
JT Payette Park – 67 Edward Street Map
Therrien Park – 21 Therrien Court Map
Therrien Park – 21 Therrien Court Map
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