Town of Penetanguishene Transitions to Automatic Payment Methods

PENETANGUISHENE, ONTARIO - The Town of Penetanguishene has announced a change in its payment methods.  Effective immediately, all payments will solely be made electronically.  For many years now, we have transitioned from manual payments to electronic payments for the majority of our Vendors.  We now anticipate that moving to 100% electronic payments will affect a small percentage of our Vendors. 

This proactive change is part of the Town’s ongoing commitment to security enhancements and efficiency in its financial transactions. The new process will require all Town Vendors to complete Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) forms. The Finance department can email these forms directly upon request, or they can be accessed on the Town’s website. 

In addition to all Town Vendors, residents and the general public that may require a payment refund for programs, overpayments, etc. are also required to complete an EFT application form, so that refunds can be deposited directly into the individuals bank account. 

“We greatly appreciate the understanding and patience of our vendors and community members during this transition. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and secure experience for all. We believe these changes will greatly enhance our service delivery and we thank you for your continued support” says Carrie Robillard, Director of Finance/Treasurer.  

The Town of Penetanguishene is grateful for the understanding and cooperation of all vendors and residents as we transition to these more secure and efficient payment methods. 

For more information, please contact the Town’s Finance department. 

Carrie Robillard


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