The Town of Penetanguishene receives $851,171 from the Canada Community-Building Fund

Penetanguishene - The Town of Penetanguishene is investing $851,171 from the federal government’s Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) into infrastructure projects throughout the Town. This permanent source of funding allows municipalities to invest in priority projects with a real, local impact.

The funding will be invested in local roads projects, including the resurfacing of Robert Street East and West, the reconstruction of Harriet Street between Edward Street and Jeffery Street, an extension of Thompsons Road West, and the improvement of Robert Street East and Fuller Avenue intersection.

The funding amount allocated to each project has been outlined below:

  • $221, 525 for rehabilitation of Robert Street East
  • $156,589 for Harriet Street Reconstruction (between Edward Street and Jeffery Street)
  • $258,334 for intersection improvements on Robert Street East and Fuller Avenue
  • $214,723 for Thompsons Road West extension improvements

“The impact of the $851,171 provided through the Canada Community-Building Fund cannot be overstated,” said Doug Rawson, Mayor of the Town of Penetanguishene. “The cost of maintaining and improving our community infrastructure is a significant challenge for a small town like ours. We are grateful for the support of the federal government and their commitment to helping communities like ours thrive and prosper."

In Ontario, the CCBF is administered to all municipalities, excluding the City of Toronto, by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). It’s distributed twice a year, on a per-capita basis, to be invested across 18 project categories for local infrastructure initiatives.

Bryan Murray

Director of Public Works

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