Winterama Advisory Committee

Winterama Advisory Committee

This committee provides support and advice to Council, Recreation and Community Services staff and
other associated Advisory Committees relative to Winterama on the sustainability and growth of Winterama as both a community event and to maximize its tourism potential. Committee members will be responsible for volunteering their time over the Winterama Event Weekend in the form of hosting activities or filling volunteer roles. 

Winterama Committee Membership
Eight (8) members of the public.
One (1) Council representative (designated by the Mayor and ratified by Council).

Staff Resources: Events Coordinator, One (1) staff representing the Penetanguishene
Centennial Museum and Archives, other staff representatives as required.

Members of the public shall represent the diversity of the Town and/or external groups as outlined below:
- Local business owners
- Ethnocultural, religious, and linguistic diversity
- LGBTQ2S+ individuals
- Individuals with disabilities
- Seniors / older adults
- All levels of income
- Youth and students

Examples of external groups hosting a partnered event or supporting the event may include but are not limited to:
- Discovery Harbour
- La Cle
- Rotary Club of Penetanguishene
- Rotaract
- Lions Club
- Knights of Columbus
- Winterama Arm Wrestling Tournament
- Penetanguishene Minor Hockey Association
- School Representatives

External agencies such as the following or additional groups may be engaged as appropriate however shall be non-voting members:
- Tourism Simcoe
- The Culture Alliance
- Regional Tourism Organization 7
- Neighbouring Municipalities
- Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce
- the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe

Committee Mandate:
To provide support and advice to Council, Recreation and Community Services staff and
other associated Advisory Committees relative to Winterama on the sustainability and
growth of Winterama as both a community event and to maximize its tourism potential.
 Provide guidance on the preparation of the Winterama program relative to
staffing and volunteer resources, aligning with the Community Strategic Plan.
 Actively participate in the implementation of the event plan and related
 Ensure that Winterama remains both progressive and nostalgic through the
introduction of innovative programming components as well as the
modernization of festival traditions and staples as deemed necessary by the
 Consult with external agencies and groups as appropriate.
 Liaise with the broader community to seek input, potential resources, and
partnerships; share the benefits of the event to residents and visitors of the
municipality all while acting as a Winterama ambassador.
 Create and support community engagement initiatives and strategies.
 Support the development and implementation of a sustainability plan that
maximizes the revenue generation potential of the event and in-kind
 Offer input on event logistics, relevant to both the event plan and existing
related strategies.
 Develop and grow meaningful Winterama volunteerism opportunities for
residents of all ages, abilities, and diversity.
 Assist staff in the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan for the
 Explore and provide recommendations on the implementation of
environmentally friendly event practices.
 Provide input on capital projects and long-range infrastructure plans that may
contribute to the long-term success of Winterama.

Chair and Vice Chair
The Chair and the Vice Chair shall be elected from the members on the Committee. The
Vice Chair serves as Chair at the meetings in the absence of the Chair. The Chair acts as
the Presiding Officer at the meetings.

Delegated Authority
The Winterama Committee is an advisory body only. The Committee shall receive items
for information, discuss related matters and make recommendations to staff and Council,
and support the implementation of said recommendations.

The Winterama Committee may incur expenditures to the extent provided in the annual
approved budget. All purchases shall be preauthorized by the Events Coordinator or
Recreation Supervisor and approved in accordance with the Town’s Procurement By-law.

The frequency of the meetings shall be quarterly from April to September and monthly
October to February. OR the frequency of the meetings shall be quarterly with additional
meetings held at the call of the Events Coordinator or Chair.
The Events Coordinator may revise the regular meeting schedule in consultation with the

Agendas shall be made available a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the meeting to the
Members and on the Town Website. The Events Coordinator and Chair shall determine
the content of the agendas.

Quorum shall consist of five (5) members of the Committee.

Work Plan
The Winterama Committee operations and activities are limited to the Winterama Event
and Strategic Plan(s).

Agent of the Municipality
In carrying out its Mandate, the Winterama Committee may act as an agent of the Town
of Penetanguishene while acting bona fide within the limits of the authority of the Town.
No member shall incur any personal liability by reason of their participation on the
Committee acting within the scope of its mandate. Nothing in the Mandate of the
Committee authorizes or empowers the Committee to incur any debt, liability, or obligation
for which the Town may become liable without having previously obtained the consent of

The Committee operations shall meet municipal, provincial, and federal legislative
requirements that have a bearing on their operation.

Joining a Committee 

The Town of Penetanguishene relies on its citizens to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on various boards and committees. If you are interested in applying to be a part of a committee, please fill out the application form below, and submit it to the Municipal Clerk. 

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