Tax Payments


Tax Bills are issued twice a year, the first week of January and the first week of July. 

A penalty and an interest charge of 1.25% will be applied on any unpaid or outstanding taxes.  For electronic or bank payments, please allow 3 to 5 business days for your bank to process your payment to the Town. 

If you do not receive your Tax Bill, please call the Town office at 705-549-7453.  Failure to receive a Tax Bill does not relieve the taxpayer from the responsibility for payment of taxes and any accrued penalties or interest.

How to Pay Your Property Taxes

The Town of Penetanguishene offers several options for paying your bill conveniently. The payment options are as follows: 

Cheques should be made payable to The Town of Penetanguishene.

Town of Penetanguishene
10 Robert Street West, P.O. Box 5009
Penetanguishene, Ontario L9M 2G2

Cheques, payable to the Town of Penetanguishene, placed in an envelope may be dropped off at Town Hall in the drop box located at the front doors. Please do not leave cash in the Drop Box. 

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or debit in person at Town Hall located at 10 Robert Street West between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. 

Post dated cheques, payable to the Town of Penetanguishene, will be held for deposit until the date of the cheque.

Tax bills can be paid online or by telephone through financial institutions using the Tax Roll as the account # (4372-XXX-XXX XXXXX-XXXX). Search for "Penetang Taxes" as the payee. Please allow 3-5 days for the funds to reach the Town of Penetanguishene.

Present your tax bill at most banks/financial institutions to make a payment. Please allow 3-5 days for the funds to reach the Town of Penetanguishene.

The Town of Penetanguishene offers a Pre-Authorized payment plan for Tax payments. Choose one of the three options.

OPTION 1 - Installment Due Dates:  Under this option, Payments will be withdrawn from your bank account 4 times per year, on the installment due dates in February, April, July, and September. 

OPTION 2 - Monthly Payments for Current Taxes

Under this option, if your taxes are current, we will withdraw 12 monthly payments on the last business day of each month. 

OPTION 3 - Monthly Payment of Tax Arrears

Please contact the Finance Department to discuss your particular situation. The amount of monthly payment under this option must be sufficient to clear off the arrears within a reasonable amount of time.

How To Enroll in Pre Authorization Plans (PAP) 

  1. Complete the PAP Application Form. (If you own more than one property in Town, please complete a separate form for each property).
  2. Attach a VOID cheque to the application form (line of credit cheques and credit cards cannot be used).
  3. Return the application form and void cheque to the Town Hall or email it to 
  4. You may cancel your authorization at any time with 30 days' notice to the Finance Department. If you change bank accounts, please notify the Finance Department in writing 30 days in advance of the change. We will not stop payments after the 21st of the month.

Other Tax Information

Please note that the tax rates are approved by Council around the end of April each year and the current year's tax rates are posted at that time.

Click here to find tax rates for each year

If your mailing address has changed, please fill out the Change of Address Form.The form can be dropped off to Town Hall or emailed to Staff will update the mailing address and send a copy of the address change to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), if consent is provided. 

All property owners are obligated to pay taxes to the Town. Tax bills are issued to cover the costs of Town, OPP, County, and Educational services. Property owners must pay tax even if they don't use all the services provided.

The Town issues two tax bills each year – an Interim Tax Bill and a Final Tax Bill. However, if your property is newly constructed or physical changes have been made to your property, you may receive additional omitted and supplementary bills that can be retroactive for the current year and the past two years.

Final Tax Bills issued by the Town contain the following information:

  • The name(s) of the property owner
  • Assessed value and tax class assigned by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • Roll number and legal description of the property
  • Breakdown of the tax bill payable to the Town, OPP, County, and School Boards
  • Account balance at the time the tax bill is produced (except on omitted and supplementary bills)
  • Amount of each tax installment and the date on which each is payable

The Interim Tax Bill, issued annually at the beginning of January, is for the first half of the year’s taxes. The amount levied is based on 50% of the property taxes for the previous year.  Interim Tax Bills have two installment dates and show any outstanding or credit  balance at the time of billing. They are payable on the last business day of February and April. 

The Final Tax Bill, issued annually in July, is for the second half of the year and is based on the annual tax rate approved by the Town for that year. The bill is calculated by using the assessment value assigned to your property for the year, and applying the new tax rate determined by the Annual Budget adopted by Council for the Town, OPP, County and School Board services (minus the Interim Taxes that were billed for the first half of the year).

Final Bills have two installment dates and show any outstanding or credit account balance at the time of billing. They are payable on the last business day of July and September.

Supplementary and Omitted Tax Bills, issued throughout the year, are issued to owners of newly constructed properties or properties that have had physical alterations made that were not reflected on the Interim and Final Bills. Generally, Supplementary Bills refer to the current tax year and Omitted Bills refer to previous years. You may receive three to four bills at different times throughout the year, depending on when the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) provides assessment information to the town.

Supplementary and Omitted Tax Bills may have one or two installment dates that is shown on the bill, and do not reflect any previous account balance at the time of billing.

A property tax certificate reflects the current assessed owner, location and description of the real property, property account number, current levy, if a tax sale has occurred within the last 30 days, account balance and the issuance date of the certificate.

Tax certificates are $55 for a standard non-rush certificate (prepared within 1 week) or $80 for a rush certificate, prepared within 2 business days. Tax certificates also include utility billing account information. 

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