Roadway Permits

Roads and Sewer After Hours Line

In the event of a Roads & Sewer Emergency, that is occurring outside of normal working hours, please call 705-527-8210.

The Municipality owns, controls, and maintains large areas of land beyond the gravel, and the paved surface of your roadway. Most people would refer to these areas as shoulders, boulevards, or even your front yard.

Why are these permits required?

In and under these areas we manage and maintain things like water lines, trees, sidewalks, sewers and drains. Some of these things are sensitive to heavy vehicles and digging. A quick and simple move like driving a backhoe across your front yard can crush a buried pipe, or tear a telephone wire. It is essential that homeowners and contractors contact the Public Works Department for a discussion on what or if a permit is required prior to starting the project.

Oversize Moving Load Permit

Oversize Moving Load permits are issued at a cost, by the Public Works Department, Road Division on either an one-time basis or for a year.

Please refer to the Memo, and Oversize Load Permit documents linked below. 

Road Occupancy Permit

Roadway Occupation permits are issues at a cost and are required when any work is to be done on a Town road allowance (road or sidewalk).

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