Economic Advisory Committee

The new Committee will replace the Business Recovery Task Force and include local business owners and entrepreneurs to help stay informed about Town initiatives, identify priority action items, and be responsible for guidance on actions items identified by the BR&E Study.

Economic Advisory Committee

On July 8, 2020 the Town of Penetanguishene adopted a Business Recovery Task Force (BRTF) to better understand the economic impacts on local businesses as a result of COVID-19 and implement appropriate recovery and relief programs. The BRTF has supported a variety of relief efforts including facilitating sidewalk patios, conducting land use surveys, promoting a shop local message, and preparing business information pamphlets. Most recently, the BRTF assisted in the completion of a Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Study which included a recommended action to transition the BRTF into a new business-led Committee. The new Committee will replace the BRTF and include local business owners and entrepreneurs to help stay informed about Town initiatives, identify priority action items, and be responsible for guidance on actions items identified by the BR&E Study.

The objectives of the Economic Advisory Committee are to:
• Inform businesses of funding available for business improvements;
• Identify priorities to promote business development and retention;
• Provide recommendations for future Town programs and initiatives;
• Assist in the implementation of action items identified in the BR&E Study;
• Report findings back to Council periodically or when needed.

The Economic Advisory Committee will be comprised of the following members:
• Members of the local business and entrepreneur community;
• 2 members of Town staff;
• 1 member of Council;

Membership from the local businesses and entrepreneur community will be based on membership interest. The Committee shall encourage business membership based on business sector representation in the Town.

Business Sector Representation (%)
Natural Resources and Utilities 1.7
Construction 14.5
Manufacturing 2.8
Wholesale trade 1.8
Retail trade 9.4
Transportation and warehousing 4.2
Finance and insurance 6.2
Real estate and rental and leasing 20.7

Professional, scientific and technical services 9.6
Educational and cultural services 1.5
Health care and social assistance 10.6
Arts, entertainment and recreation 2.8
Accommodation and food services 3.4
Administration, management of companies, and other services 11.2

External agencies such as the North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation, the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe, and the County of Simcoe will be engaged with the Committee as appropriate.

The appointed member of Council shall serve as Chair of the Committee. The Chair acts as the Presiding Officer at the meetings and presents any reports or recommendations flowing from the Committee at the respective section of the Committee of the Whole meeting. In the absence of the Chair at the Committee of the Whole or Council meetings, the Section Chair presents and speaks to the matters. The Vice Chair shall be elected by the Committee membership and serves as Chair at the meetings in the absence of the Chair.

No compensation shall be provided to members for their participation.

All members of the Economic Advisory Committee are expected to:
• Attend and participate in meetings;
• Provide recommendations on a variety of business concerns, initiatives, and programs;
• Assist with various tasks and projects as determined by the Committee.

The Economic Advisory Committee has no delegated authority and is an advisory body only. The Committee shall fulfil its mandate through reports and recommendations to Council via the Planning and Development Services section of the Committee of the Whole.

Agendas shall be made available a minimum of three days in advance of the meeting. Meetings will be held on the first Monday or every month through online “Zoom” video communications. Future in-person meetings will be held in the Committee Room or Council Chambers in Townhall or other such location as may be designated from time to time.


Members of the Economic Advisory Committee work in partnership with the Town of Penetanguishene and for the citizens of Penetanguishene. Members must respect confidential information and declare a conflict of interest when required. Members are expected to support and contribute to a safe, respectful, transparent, and accountable environment.

Joining a Committee 

The Town of Penetanguishene relies on its citizens to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on various boards and committees. If you are interested in applying to be a part of a committee, please fill out the application form below, and submit it to the Municipal Clerk. 

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