Economic Advisory Committee

The new Committee will replace the Business Recovery Task Force and include local business owners and entrepreneurs to help stay informed about Town initiatives, identify priority action items, and be responsible for guidance on actions items identified by the BR&E Study.

Committee Mandate

The objectives of the Economic Advisory Committee are to:

  • Inform businesses of funding available for business improvements;
  • Identify priorities to promote business development and retention;
  • Provide recommendations for future Town programs and initiatives;
  • Assist in the implementation of action items identified in the BR&E Study;
  • Report findings back to Council periodically or when

Joining a Committee 

The Town of Penetanguishene relies on its citizens to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on various boards and committees. If you are interested in applying to be a part of a committee, please fill out the application form below, and submit it to the Municipal Clerk. 

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